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February 11, 2022

Zug is one of the best places to visit or live in Switzerland. It is strategically located, showing off a beautiful lakeside and surrounding mountains. The old town is another attractive feature residents of Zug and tourists here enjoy. 

Just on the edge of the old town is Zug Castle, the oldest profane building in Zug still preserved. It serves as a landmark of the city. The castle has been home to the great museum of cultural history for Zug since 1983. Hence Museum Burg Zug is one of the most beautiful places to visit and take advantage of while in Zug.

Museum Burg Zug is a great stop for anyone, especially history lovers and enthusiasts. The high points from Zug’s cultural history are shown in the theme rooms. Also, the history stored in these rooms follows each other like a string of pearls that consume visitors while taking them to a whole different time zone.

Moreover, there is a showcase of suits of armor and halberds where history enthusiasts can engage themselves in the past ranging from atmospheric set-ups to explosive love affairs. In addition, both old and young people can learn many interesting facts about the residents who lived in Zug over five hundred years ago. They will get a chance to enjoy collection objects, short texts, and interactive stations.

What More to See in Museum Burg Zug:

  • A city model that has become popular shows its development up to 1730 and virtually to 2013 on the modern touch screen.
  • The multimedia stations inside the museum provide more information for anyone interested in much more background stories of Zug’s culture.
  • A comic figure called Lili guides children through the many rooms in the castle while asking them questions suitable for their age.

Visit Museum Burg Zug for many hours of excitement, learning, and fun.


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