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February 7, 2022

The little-known Croatian city boasts a population of about 75,000 people, making it a very good place to roam the city undisturbed. Zadar is the largest city in the Dalmatian region. You will enjoy the most beautiful sunsets, not to mention the rich history and architectural beauty.

Here are some places to visit when in Zadar:

The Church of St. Donatus

The church is a medieval architectural masterpiece built in the 9th century. Over the years, the building served as a warehouse and an archeological museum. Today, the building is used in summer as a concert hall because of the outstanding acoustics. The 27m tall building is circular in shape, a common medieval Dalmatian architectural design.

The Giant Sea Harmonica

As you roam the historical streets of Zadar, you will hear music from the cleverly-built Sea Organ. Through his masterpiece, the architect Nikola Basic allowed nature to communicate to humans through sound. The organ is made of tiny plastic tubes that run down to the sea along the stairs. As the waves form, magical, beautiful music is made.

The Museum of Ancient Glass

The museum is home to a very old roman glass collection from the first and second centuries. There are a few modern pieces that can be used as souvenirs. On the museum’s second floor, you will meet Croatians best glassblowing artisans. There you are free to try your hand at glass blowing. You can try to replicate the ancient pieces or create your glassware. As you walk out of the museum, take a few pictures in the beautiful garden full of modern sculptures and a beautiful marina view.

Zadar is an amazing spot that you should definitely plan to visit.


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