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May 2, 2022

Würzburg is one of the most glamorous cities in the state of Bravia, Germany. Bravia is English for Bayern. It is located in the northern parts of Bavaria, German, and straddles the Main River offering scenic views of the city from either bank side. With a population of 130,000 residents, the city is famous for its remarkable architecture, art, and delicious wines.

Most of the city’s population (53.3%) is catholic, while a minority consists of Jews, Muslima, and other religions. The local people celebrate the Africa Festival in May and the Mozart Festival between June and July. The Kiliani Volksfest is celebrated in mid-July.

Top sites in Würzburg

• Alte Mainbruecke- a beautifully built bridge strategically positioned to give tourists the perfect view of the city and castle.

• Market Square– The market is one of the best places to experience local culture and cuisine at its finest. The local Würzburg market square has a unique feel, giving the town its special aura.

• The Würzburger Residenz- This is a massive building serving as a UNESCO world heritage site. The expansive compound is located almost at the center of the city and was commissioned by two prince-bishops who lived during the Enlightenment. The building’s walls are intricately designed using the Baroque architectural style. Severe damage was sustained during the March 1945 bombing by the British, but the castle has been rebuilt to its full glory.

You can also visit the town’s most incredible art piece, the Trappenhaus. The famous artist Giovanni Battista created a fresco believed to be the largest in the world. It adorns the vault over the grand staircase designed by Balthasar Neumann.

A true symbol of the city’s close relationship with the Roman Catholic church, the Kaisersaal stands at the castle’s center. It is commonly referred to as the “Imperial Hall.”


  1. A.Noll

    Beautiful city. I visited there often while on Uncle Sam’s buck. Good beer.

  2. David H Thomas

    show more pictures


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