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January 29, 2022

If you are looking for a place to escape for a holiday, look no further than Wollongong. This perfect tourist destination will give you an excellent ocean view. You will enjoy magnificent beaches and delicious meals served at Wollongong.

Wollongong is one of Australia’s big cities that is only a 1.5-hour drive from Sydney. There are many fun activities to do here. You can visit the town on a day trip from Sydney, but if you can stay longer, you’ll get a lot more out of your trip.

Wollongong is a lovely seaside city that offers an alluring mix of culture and nature-based attractions. Wollongong is full of cool cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars that will spice up your touring experiences.

Here are more reasons why Wollongong, Australia is worth the visit.

Wollongong has Awesome Coastal Views

Wollongong is located in the Illawarra area of South Wales, Australia. It’s popularly known as the city where the mountains meet the sea. Wollongong’s coastline greets magnificent viewpoints cuddled up in the Illawarra Escarpment. You can breathe in this beautiful view from different standpoints.

Royal National Park

Wollongong accommodates the second oldest national park globally, Royal National Park. You can visit the Royal National Park to glimpse Australian Wildlife such as wallabies and gliders. The park is close to the open sea, and it has sandstone cliffs and a place where the wetlands meet grassy woodland. The Rainforest and the Eucalypt forests in Royal National Park make it a sight worth visiting in Wollongong.

A Day Trip Visit to Sydney

You can take a short drive from Wollongong to reach Australia’s biggest city, Sydney. There, you can check out the world’s famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbor and the Sydney Opera House in Sydney.

Bushwalking in Wollongong

The Escarpment that wraps around the Wollongong offers many forest types, such as the subtropical rainforests. Therefore, you will enjoy hiking and bushwalking whether you’re a beginner or a passionate hiker.

Outstanding Beaches

Wollongong should be on your bucket list if you enjoy sunbathing and surfing. Wollongong has over 17 beaches nuzzled between the Escarpment and the sea. The beaches have great waves for all surfing levels, and they are patrolled from September to April. Therefore you will be sure of safe surfing on the Wollongong beaches.

Breathtaking Biking Trail

Cycling is a cultural activity that lives in the hearts of the Wollongong residents. There are many pickup points along the beaches and the local rent areas to suit the visitors that cannot travel with their bikes. The paths vary in difficulty to all fitness levels.

The Grand Pacific Drive

Wollongong is a hub along the famous 87-mile drive that goes through the Rainforest and many cities along the Pacific Ocean. You do not need to own a car to enjoy the trip along the Pacific Ocean. Wollongong has several guided day trip tours. For that reason, you can experience many checkpoints and breathtaking views that the ride offers.

Fun Activities to do at Wollongong

  • Hang-gliding like a dare-devil from Bald Hill.
  • Watching out for meerkats, tamarin monkeys, Sumatran tigers, and the Red Pandas.
  • Seeing the Nan Tien Temple (the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere).
  • Exploring the Wollongong Science Center.


  1. John Neven

    I was in Wollongong away back about 1944. It was a Sunday and everything was closed but the good citizens of Wollongong opened a restaurant and movie theater for the ships crew. We were American sailors.

  2. Robinson Janie

    My daughter lives in Australia and for about 8 years in Wollongong. I was there 3 times, and yes it is an amazing place. The Rain Forrest is enchanting and beautiful to walk in. Sydney is also worth seeing. I am going to make my fifth trip there in 2023 to also see New Zealand.


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