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October 26, 2021

Winterthur is located in Switzerland, and it’s close to the German border. It’s known for its amazing sites and breathtaking views. There are lots of attractions and parks to check out whenever you’re in the area. The residents have voted these locations as the top ones to see for the tourists who are visiting.


  • Museums: The Fotomuseum has lots of photographs that photographers have taken. It’s kind of like a photo gallery. They also have a great photo book shop.
  • Science Center: The Swiss science center teaches visitors about how electricity and gases work. There are things to do and experience for children and adults of all ages. The experiences are great such as the Mathemagics where you can learn riddles.
  • Skateboarding activities: If you love skateboarding, then you should visit Skills Park. This is an indoor skateboarding park. Not only does it have skateboarding ramps, but it also has lots of trampolines.


  • Eulachpark: This is a really nice park and has a beautiful creek and climbing gyms for kids to climb on, and this park also has a large sandbox for the kids to play in. It also has open fields and coaches tend to host games.
  • City park: This is a beautiful park with beautiful flowers. Guests can walk around, and the kids can play on the playground.

Rosengarten: This is a type of park where you can walk around and see several different types of flowers. If you or someone you know is getting married, this would be a perfect location for a wedding.


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