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November 30, 2021

With beautiful urban beaches and a mountainous backdrop, it’s easy to see why Vancouver, Canada has earned the reputation of being one of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Even further downtown, its location on a peninsula in the Strait of Georgia, bounded by Fraser River to the south and by a deep fiord to the north.

Endowed with extensive parks spread all over the city, Vancouver is sure to glamorously host thousands of tourists every year. Its mild temperatures throughout the year add to its spice. Vancouver is a paradise for sport and other outdoor activities.

  • Stanley Park

Stanley’s Park is a spectacular peninsula encompassed with beautiful,  well-shaped trees adjacent to downtown Vancouver. Downing the beach at midday are the radiating rays of the sun in the summer season and a wonderful array of colors bursting during spring.

  • Granville Island

Get to Granville Island by ferry or rowing your own boat! The tourist spot has now turned into a breathtaking public market showcasing all the God-given ready-to-eat vegetables, fruits and seafood.

  • Grouse Mountain

Looking to find a full panorama of Vancouver in both winter and summer? Head to Grouse Mountain. When Vancouver’s late evening lights are on, the mountain offers incomparable scenery.

  • Museum of Anthropology

The museum of Anthropology exhibits a fantastic display of cultures in Vancouver, native art and other archeology all engrossed in one building. A visit to Vancouver will be incomplete without a stop at the “smart museum.”

  • Kitsilano beach

Offering a laid-back romantic atmosphere, Kitsilano is sure to glam a visiting couple together with a hangout of friends.


  1. Carolee Pellerin

    I have visited Vancouver and it is a delightful experience. Such a beautiful and friendly place. A must visit on anyone’s Bucket List ! Sweet memories!????????‍????????

    • bryson

      Thank you for sharing! One day I also hope to visit Vancouver.

  2. Deborah Rubin

    It is in British Columbia. I did not check it out with my phone. We were there but sick so we really couldn’t enjoy it.

  3. Iris jagoda

    I would love to vacation at Vancouver


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