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Val Gardena, Italy

July 29, 2021

Val Gardena, Italy

Val Gardena is a side valley of the Valle d’Isarco located in Italy which stretches Ponte Gardena to the Dolomite passes “passo Sella” and “passo Gardena”. Val Gardena contains only three communities (Selva, S. Cristina and Ortisei) and has an overall population of approximately 10,000 inhabitants. Of that population, 90% speak Latin as their native language.

Dolomites Val Gardena is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations globally, full of attractions for lovers of hiking, skiing and nature explorers. 

Surrounded by the UNESCO-protected Dolomites, this fascinating mountainous valley is the perfect place to enjoy life, unwind and recharge your batteries.

The Dolomites’ valley par excellence provides an unmatched mountaineering experience throughout the year. Be it the warm and long summer days or even during winter, there are a lot of fun and unique adventures in the dolomites.

For instance, during summer you can go for:

  • Hikes in the Alpine
  • Vie Ferrate
  • Individual Guiding
  • Family Climbing Day
  • Sport Climbing course

During winter you can go:

  • Skiing
  • Ski Touring
  • Freeriding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice Climbing

Besides skiing and hiking, guests may also enjoy:

  • Sightseeing places like the untouched UNESCO World Heritage Site – Puez Odle Nature Park.
  • Taking photographs of the beautiful peaks of South Tyrolean Dolomites or the aesthetic Val Gardena’s landmarks.
  • The traditional customs and festivities accompanied by sporty outdoor activities set beside an alpine.
  • Cycling through the network of biking trails surrounded by exceptional and breathtaking landscapes before the magnificent Dolomites.
  • Feasting on local food and beverages from the picturesque Ortisei, Selva Val Gardena, and S. Cristina villages in Val Gardena.


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