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August 12, 2021


The second-largest city within Oklahoma is Tulsa, a lively town that lies right on the Arkansas River. Home to “America’s Favorite Zoo” and known for its vast appreciation for art decor, Tulsa is a place that is adored by locals and tourists alike. With a population of over 400,000, it is clear that Tulsa is a great place to travel.

Tulsa is widely known for its world-famous locations and attractions, such as the iconic Route 66. This interstate was brought to fruition by a businessman native to Tulsa who felt the roads in town were too faulty, and Route 66 quickly became one of the most acclaimed roads in all of the country.

Featured in lots of songs and movies, Route 66 is easily one of the biggest tourist attractions in Tulsa, and a museum honoring the famous interstate exists just 20 minutes south of town.

Tulsa is also quite the hub for festive nightlife, as many bars and clubs are located around town. Here are a few that are most notable;

  • Cinergy Tulsa- Best known for its cinema and animated bowling scene, Cinergy Tulsa offers many additional activities to enjoy, such as ax throwing.
  • Oklahoma Aquarium- A fantastic place to spend a day with the family, the aquarium offers the world’s most extensive bull shark exhibit.
  • Family-friendly, educational and exciting, the Tulsa Zoo offers hours of amusement for children and adults. From cub corners to tiger trails, this zoo has something special for children and adults of all ages.

Whether you are local or just visiting, Tulsa offers many activities that are sure to bring enjoyment to all.

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  1. Carol Pfau

    I was born in Tulsa , but my parents moved back to Ohio when I was two. I have never been back and am 82 now, so probably will never see it. Oklahoma was a young state when we left, but it is nice to see pictures of it now.


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