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August 27, 2022

Located on the Seine river, amidst the vineyards that produce only the finest champagne in the world, Troyes has existed since Roman times and is currently the capital of the Aube department in the north-central portion of France. Nobody really knows when the town of Troyes was founded, but archaeological evidence suggests there were human settlements in the area that go as far back as 600 BC.

Historically speaking, Troyes was and continues to be the ancient capital of the Champagne region of France. Because of its significance throughout history and its relation to the production of the finest champagne in the world, the center of the city has been curiously designed to have the shape of the cork of a champagne bottle. Using the curvature of the Seine as the upper portion of the cork, the rest of it was traced out by tree-lined avenues. Troyes is a trove of architecture from various historical periods, which, coupled with the beauty of the countryside, provides for a myriad of opportunities for exploration and learning. Cobbled stone streets, and an outstanding art district, lend Troyes a typical French ambiance which is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

During the Middle Ages, the now widely used standard weight for gold and other precious metals, the troy ounce, was created in Troyes, which is how it received its name. Today, one troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 grams and widely used around the world. Troyes once had numerous churches, which were built by the Counts of Champagne during the 19th century. They also established fairs that gained international renown. These days, visitors to Troyes can enjoy champagne testing events and tours of the region's wineries, making it a wonderful place to visit.


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