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December 22, 2022

Trani is a seaport town in Italy; it is located in Italy’s Adriatic Sea. The town is well known for its marina, which attracts many tourists during the summertime. 

Trani once had old city walls and bastions, but the structures from that era have been lost. Most old structures have been restored and renovated in recent years. However, this does not take away from the natural beauty of the town’s buildings. 

Facts About Trani:

  • Trani originated in the early Roman times and became an economic success by trading with the Middle East.
  • The town was first occupied in the 13th century.
  • Trani has housed one of Italy’s largest Jewish populations. Rabbi Isaiah ben Mali di Trani, a famous medieval rabbi, was even born here. 
  • The city is known for producing great wine, figs, almonds, and olive oil. 


  • Castello di Trani: The Castello di Trani is just one of the 200 castles Frederick II had built during his reign. Although parts of the castle have been updated to provide office space, the castle is still a popular stop for visitors. Take a look at the ancient architecture while enjoying a view of the sea. 
  • The Old Fort: The fort is a 13th-century fort that has been slightly renovated in recent years. It now serves Trani’s people and tourists as a museum and performance venue.

The Trani Cathedral: Religion has taken center stage in the growth of Trani since it was founded. The Trani Cathedral is the town’s most recognized church building and is dedicated to Saint Nicholas.


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