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November 23, 2022

Tivoli is an Italian city located in the business center of Lazio. It is in central Italy and northeast of Rome. Tavoli is known as a stylish district and an arts center. It is one of the oldest Italian towns, housing some of the most ancient historical sites. Tivoli mines are known for their travertine production, a calcium carbonate rock used to build Roman monuments.

Tivoli was a fierce opponent to Rome during the Middle Ages. It was an independent area with its own elected council members, and they fought fiercely to control the impoverished region of Lazio. However, they eventually fell under the papal rule and lost the fight for their independence. Rome constructed many monuments in Tivoli to signify its control over the area. Many of these structures still stand today. 

Fun Facts:

  • Tivoli is located at the falls of the Aniene River in Lazio, which sources its water from the Sabine hills.
  • When you stand at the city’s edge, you can view the Roman Campaign, an extensively flat piece of land spreading 2100 square kilometers.
  • The word Tivoli pronunciation has an Italian origin; it is also referred to as Tibur, its Latin pronunciation.
  • According to historical records, the earliest evidence of settlement in Tivoli was in the thirteenth century BC.
  • Tivoli houses some of Rome’s most prominent archaeological sites, some dating back to the tenth century BD. Some of these features include the Roman amphitheater, Porta Maior and the Villa of the Pisoni.
  • Vineyards, gardens and olives cover the slopes of the Tivoli’s neighboring hills.


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