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September 27, 2021

Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden, home to over a million people within city limits and more than twice that in the metropolitan area. It is also the largest city in Scandinavia. 


The area incorporating the city of Stockholm has been settled since the stone age, nearly 8000 years ago.

It was founded in 1252 and quickly became an important port for trade for the Hanseatic League.

Stockholm Today 

Present-day Stockholm is made up of 14 islands which together are part of the Stockholm Archipelago, the second largest in the baltic sea. The city is home to over 100 museums, making it one of the most museum-populated cities in the world.

Stockholm has the 9th highest GDP per capita in the European Union, and as such, is the major economic center for the entire Nordic Region.


The city has a humid continental climate and an oceanic climate, giving four distinct seasons with cold winters but temperatures above 0° Celcius for most of the year.

Destinations in Stockholm

Stockholm is home to 3 of Sweden’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. The first is Drottningholm Palace, home to the Swedish Royal Family. Visitors may also be interested in Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery), a man-made graveyard that has influenced design around the world). 

Finally, make a stop at Birka, a Viking Age trading post that is an important archeological site.

For those sports lovers, Stockholms Olympiastadion is a great place to visit. The stadium was erected for the 1912 Olympics and is still used today, regularly hosting athletic and entertainment events.

Environmental Efforts

The city charges a congestion tax to vehicles entering city limits. Enacted in 2007, automated meters track license plates through checkpoints and mail a charge to the plate owner. This is just one of the many advancements that helped Stockholm be named The inaugural European Green Capital Award winner in 2010.


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  2. Louis Leschnik

    Hi Libby, I loved reading your story about Sweden. Long time ago I was born in Sweden
    and went to Kungshollmen folkskola, Stockholm is the most beautiful city in the whole
    world. I left Sweden when I was 18 years old to come to the USA to play PRO. ice hockey. I
    wish that I could meet you and travel with you. I am a single guy, my wife passed away
    6 gears ago. In Swedish, tack so myckit dear Libby. Bless you and stay well.


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