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Santiago (Chile)

September 16, 2022

As the southernmost capital city in the Southern Hemisphere, Santiago is really a treat to visit. It is a vibrant mix of cultures, complete with a rich history that marvels at many of its neighbors. Check out these interesting facts about the city as you consider your own trip at some point in the future.

Fun Facts:

  • Santiago is heavily influenced by the cultures of both North America and Europe. Part of its rich history means that Santiago has many different cultures and ways of life represented within its borders.
  • The majority of the people in Santiago identify as being Catholic. There are churches to worship located on nearly every street corner.
  • Three of the famous foods that one must try on a visit to Santiago are pastel de choclo, humitas, and sopapillas. Just about everyone who lives here can make one of these delicacies.
  • When Santiago began to be ruled by the Spanish, the city was down to a mere 200 houses.
  • Santiago is named after St. James.
  • The Pichunche Indian tribe were the original inhabitants of Santiago.
  • Santiago is located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains.
  • This city can trace its founding all the way back to 1541, which gives it nearly 500 years of rich history to enjoy and learn from.
  • Most of Santiago is quite high above sea level, averaging between 1,600 and 2,100 feet in most places.
  • Santiago is home to the largest indoor mall in all of South America.





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