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Santa Ponsa

May 8, 2022

Today’s spot of the day is Santa Ponsa. Located on the Majorcan coast, about 10 miles away from the capital, it’s one of the island’s major vacation resorts. It’s a great place to go if you enjoy beaches. There’s a very large beach where most of the tourists congregate, and a smaller, secondary beach about a 15 minute walk away from it, for those who want a little more privacy. Both beaches have fairly shallow waters and aren’t prone to strong currents. The warm summer weather is ideal for both swimming and sunning.

Swimming isn’t the only thing you can do in the waters of Santa Ponsa, though. You can also:

  • Take a boat tour. You can explore Majorca and the Malgrats Islands both above and below the water in a triple-decker catamaran with an underwater level that has large viewing windows.
  • Go dolphin watching. The same kind of boat with underwater viewing facilities gives you an unparalleled opportunity to watch dolphins in their natural environment.
  • Take a dining cruise. Take a tour of the Majorcan waters while enjoying the local cuisine and a full bar.
  • Rent a boat. You can also rent a boat to go explore the Majorcan coast yourself.
  • Go water skiing.
  • Go jet skiing.
  • Go windsurfing.

If the water isn’t your thing, there’s plenty to do on land as well. There are a wide variety of guided tours, of course. You can also rent ATVs and go explore the great Majorcan outdoors. There are a great many restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy day or night at any time of year.

And speaking of different times of the year, while Santa Ponsa is a beach-oriented resort town, it has a lot to offer during the winter months as well, for those who are more interested in the city itself than the beach. It’s also a better time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds. It’s a very family-friendly resort, and there is a lot to interest people of all ages.


  1. Tony D.

    Looks Gorgeous!!

  2. Vijay Kumar

    Where is PondaRosa located.Is it in US or elsewhere


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