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November 19, 2021

Saint-Malo is located in the Brittany region and occupies approximately 36.6 km2, with a population estimated to be 47,210. Just a few hours from Paris, Saint-Malo and its pleasing life has never been so close. Traveling includes road, train and air.

Saint-Malo city has been evidence of some prominent names in France’s history, including Jacques Cartier, François-René de Chateaubriand and Robert Surcourf, who contributed to Saint-Malo’s founding.

The first thing one can’t fail to notice in Saint-Malo is its thrusting fortified walls that stretch more than 1.700km. This citadel is well-protected. The area situated within the ramparts is referred to as Intra-Muros. This historic zone is where visitors find the largest number of restaurants and cultural sites. Areas open to the public include the gates, Bidouane Tower and bastion.

The beaches and the dykes are treasures that have their own surprises. The National Fort, the islands of Petit Bé and Grand Bé are located towards the Atlantic Ocean. Along Sillon Beach, one can admire the beauty of the sea from the dykes. This is also the home of the renowned thermal baths of Saint-Malo.

For a well-balanced diet, there are seafood restaurants and crêperies. At Sillon Beach, visitors can reserve a table with a view at the Brasserie du Sillon as they enjoy their skillfully prepared meals just on the seawall. 

Towards the inland, visitors can enjoy candies at the Maison Guella that has the famous salted-butter caramels and traditional cookies; both considered the region’s pride. Saint-Malo also has delicious ice cream flavors like Kouign Amann at Chez Sanchez and Maison du beurre Bordier.

Seasons activities

  • Summer: Street performance “Renc’arts” on Thursdays. The Route du Rock, World Folklore Festival and Transat Québec – Saint-Malo.
  • Autumn: Boating enthusiasts Route du Rhum.
  • Winter: Great music Route du Rock festival.


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