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August 24, 2022

Located in Northwestern France, Saint-Brieuc got its name in honor of a Welsh monk known as Brioc, who brought Christianity to the area during the 6th century. Because of how close to the English Channel, the town was affected by the 2009 sea lettuce contamination of the beaches of Brittany. Among the lives lost to the hydrogen sulfide emissions of the rotting algae were those of a horse, a few dogs, and a council worker, who died from exposure to the chemical when driving a truck loaded with the debris.

Today, Saint-Brieuc is a bustling town that welcomes tourists with open arms. There are various historic areas to be explored, with architecture dating back to the 15th century, as well as a fortified cathedral. Additionally, those with an adventurous spirit can participate in one of the many events held throughout the year, some of which include activities such as water sports and shellfish-gathering. The Saint-Brieuc Art and History Museum features a series of archaeological collections dedicated to the town's maritime history.

Saint-Brieuc has been the birthplace of several notable personalities, including Maryvonne Dupureur, who won the silver medal for the 800 m event in the 1964 Olympic Games. Saint-Brieuc was granted recognition as a "European Destination of Excellence" for its gastronomic tradition, which can be sampled in any of the town's numerous restaurants, delicatessens, and markets. During the month of July every year, at Le Légué harbor, which is the 5th largest port in Brittany, visitors and locals enjoy a maritime festival. Another must-see location in Saint-Brieuc is the cemetery of Saint Michel, which features a wide range of historical sculptures by Paul le Goff and Jean Boucher. Throughout France, the residents of Saint-Brieuc are known as "Briochins."

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  1. Harold

    This is great. Would really like to visit Saint-Brieuc. I will try to look them up and see a lot more photos and info.


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