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Sa Coma

December 11, 2022

Sa Coma is a little town on Majorca, an island off the west coast of Spain. The Mediterranean Sea has thousands of islands, many of which are east of Spain toward Italy and Greece. Like most other islands in the Mediterranean, Majorca hosts a seasonal tourist industry that’s been gaining popularity over the past few generations.

While Majorca Island’s proximity to mainland Spain makes it a popular tourist destination, people have inhabited the island for at least 3,000 years. Over three millennia, civilizations like the Carthaginians and Romans controlled the Island. In ancient times occupying islands like Majorca was strategic. Today the island is a tourist hot spot with hints of former occupation all around them in architecture that seems out of place until you know the history.

As tourists explore Majorca Island and Sa Coma, hints of its history are scattered around the island. With its pristine white sand beaches and Mediterranean weather, many tourists focus on the island’s modern beachside resorts. However, resorts aren’t the only tourist attractions.

Sa Coma Fun Facts

  • Archaeological evidence shows the earliest known residents were shepherds who lived in caves and managed Myotragus herds, an antelope species.
  • The Talayot culture inhabited the island for hundreds of years
  • Talat is the name of their stacked stone circular towers
  • The Carthaginians controlled Majorca from about 645 BC
  • Carthage lost to Rome during the Punic Wars between 264 and 146 BC
  • Rome had control of the entire region from 143 BC
  • The Moors and Islam had control of the Islands for three centuries
  • Spain finally had complete control over the region by the early 19th century
  • Sa Coma has about 750 year-round residents and swells to thousands during the summer months
  • The island promotes cycling with its modern bike lanes

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  1. Susan Diederichsen

    wonder if the yr round residents can tolerate the crowds! Not sure 🤔 about weather there.


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