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November 22, 2021

Rogers, Arkansas is one of the fastest-growing places in the United States of America. At Rogers, you will discover great museums and art galleries. Rogers is a perfect place that allows you to experience bustling shopping and innovative dining lives.

Here is more insight into why you need to visit Rogers at any season of your life;

Rogers is the Final Shopping Destination

Northwest Arkansas is a must-visit area once you set your foot in Rogers. Rogers houses everything you will need to buy. Its shopping destinations are inclusive of but not limited to;

  • Sprawling shopping malls
  • Hallmark department stores
  • Quaint boutiques
  • antique shops

You will have the chance to purchase the designer labels at the open-air Pinnacle Hill Promenade. Go to the country craft fair to discover the wares by local artisans. Feel free to browse the handmade treat and the fresh produce available at the farmer’s market. Walk to Bargain hunters and get great treasures at the designer discount stores and the thrift shops.

Enjoy the Delicious Food in Roger’s Restaurants

Its decadent restaurants and jaw-dropping food define a great city; Rogers is no exception! Rogers attracts travelers from across the globe, and this is helping it set up the best restaurants. Whether you are craving pizza, burger, rich pasta, steaks, and seafood, Rogers is your ideal destination. Rogers blends pretty homegrown cuisine with pastries and fresh-brewed cappuccinos that spice up your experience.

Great Attractions and Museums

Northwest Arkansas is full of attractions and fascinating things to do. Once at Rogers, you can visit areas such as;

  • The dazzling caves
  • Colorful museums
  • Explore the intact civil war battlefield found at Pea Ridge National Military Park
  • Experience the exciting architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright at Crystal Bridges Museum

You can enjoy activities such as:

  • Strolling In the parks
  • Swimming and snorkeling
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Riding the mountain bikes from the Railyard Bike Park to Lake Atalanta

Exciting Festival in Rogers

Rogers is home for seasonal celebrations. Visit Rogers to celebrate the over-the-top parades, the family-friendly music festival, and the bursting art fairs. You will enjoy block parties and art festivals such as the annual Dogwood Festival during spring. You will enjoy food festivals, musical events, and sporting events such as bicycle racing during summer. Fall comes with art and craft fairs. Winter comes with the holiday spirit, Christmas, and the glitzy tree-lighting ceremonies.


  1. Judy Norton

    Burgers and pizza are gourmet, unusual cuisine???

  2. Michael King

    Roy Rogers

  3. Sandra

    Who was the city named after? I didn’t see where the answer to the title of the article, sent to my email, was provided? I’m curious since my mother’s maiden name is Rogers, and they are from that area in Arkansas and Texas. It may be a relative from my family tree.

    • k

      Captain Charles W Rogers

  4. Darlene Croal-Manuel

    I am enjoying those places to go… I will make a selection on my bucket list

  5. Mario Saravia

    I like Rogers Arkansas nice place i’will visit again soon

  6. Skidson

    Rogers is home for seasonal celebrations Visit Rogers to celebrate the overthetop parades the familyfriendly music festi Skidson.


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