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Rishon LeZion

September 22, 2021

The spot of the day is the fourth largest city in Israel, Rishon LeZion. The city is located about 5 miles south of Tel-Aviv (one of the capital cities) with a population of over 250,000 people. Rishon LeZion is a biblical verse and means, “First to Zion are they, and I shall give herald to Jerusalem” in Hebrew.

Rishon LeZion Beginnings 

Rishon LeZion was founded on July 31, 1882, by just 10 Jewish immigrants coming from Russia. It is the second Jewish farm settlement established in Ottoman Palestine. The area became an official city in 1950, making it the third youngest city in the country.

Life in Rishon LeZion

The city’s main industries are construction, commerce, and wine. Rishon LeZion has nine middle schools, twelve high schools, and twenty-three elementary schools. 

Visitors can enjoy a beachside stroll, heading over to one of the many parks or visiting Superland, an amusement park similar to Magic Mountain. 

Some Fun Facts About Rishon LeZion: 

  • 61.4% of all residents being aged 40 or under and 31.1% of the population being children/teenagers
  • The flag of Israel was raised for the first time in this village as a part of a celebration of the village’s 3rd anniversary in 1885.
  • In 1886, the Haviv Elementary School was established as the first modern school.
  • In 1915, there was a huge locust attack on Rishon Lezion and the surrounding areas.
  • The population growth rate of the city is about 5% per year.
  • The majority of the population within the city is Jewish.


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