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August 20, 2022

Located along the rugged coastline of Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore sits atop the coast, overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

The History of Riomaggiore

Founded in the 8th century by Grecian refugees, the city boasts a long and storied past. Until 1276, the city had been under the rule of several feudal families, and the cliffside homes and buildings were largely absent. This was until it fell under the dominion of the Republic of Genoa. Many of the terraces in Riomaggiore were built while under the rule of the Republic of Genoa until its dissolution and unification with Italy in 1861. While the village once made its largest exports out of olive oil and wine, it is now supported largely by tourism. Attracting nearly 2 million tourists every year, what is it that keeps people coming back?

Castello di Riomaggiore

A popular destination for many, the Castello di Riomaggiore was built in 1260 in the center of the city as a defensible position. Its construction was ordered by the Turcotti Marquises, one of the many noble families of the area. The castle now gives tourists and locals alike a stunning view of the surrounding area.

Church of San Giovanni Battista

Constructed in 1340, the Church of San Giovanni Battista was built in the gothic style. Following the collapse of one of the pillars, the church was renovated but preserved the original style.

Sanctuary of our Lady of Montenero

Located 1000ft above sea level, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero offers an outstanding view of the surrounding area. Dating back to the 14th century, the building reached its final form following several restorations and extensions that ended in the 1800s. Only accessible on foot, the pathway offers a serene 45-minute walk through the forest.


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