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February 9, 2022

Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is nicknamed queen city because it was named after Queen Victoria, a British monarch. Also, the word Regina means queen in Latin.

Visiting Regina will surprise you with the friendliness of its residents. The abundant green space and the many special activities that you will do in Regina will make you revisit.

Here are more fascinating reasons that will make you consider visiting Regina this season.

1. Visiting the RCMP Heritage Center

The RCMP Heritage Center is housed in an attractive modern building. Visiting this important historical center will give an overview of the history of Canada’s first police force.

The displays and information at the RCMP Heritage Center will tell you a fascinating story about the force. You will know every detail, including its inception in 1873 as the North-West Mounted Police. You will learn more about its growth and evolution into a modern crime-fighting group.

2. Wascana Park

More sceneries will excite your eyes at Regina’s signature park, Wascana.

  • Extensive walking and biking trails that wind their way around 120-acre Wascana Lake.
  • Extensive green space at the center of the city.
  • Large trees and wide-open grasslands are perfect for playing football and having a picnic.

3. Visiting the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The museum has five main galleries:

  • Megamunch.
  • Gallery area for traveling exhibits.
  • Earth sciences.
  • First Nations
  • Life Sciences

Megamunch is the most interactive gallery in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. The gallery is the home of the robotic dinosaur that will make your kids happy.

4. The MacKenzie Art Gallery

MacKenzie is Regina’s oldest public art gallery. MacKenzie art gallery has a wide collection of artwork. The gallery promotes its artifacts with the phrase, “5000 years of culture and 5,000 Works of Art.” The gallery is famous specifically for its indigenous artwork, known as the Kamplemarcher Collection.

5. Fun Family Activities to do at Wascana Park

  • Ferry boat riding around the lake.
  • Hiring the Kayaks or canoes.
  • Riding the Segway.
  • Walking the habitat conservation area.
  • Kids playing at the playground.


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