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Reading, Pennsylvania

December 18, 2021

Today’s spot of the day is Reading, Pennsylvania! Sitting as the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania, this wonderful place is famed for being the ‘pretzel city’ due to the numerous pretzel bakeries it houses. But that’s not all! Keep reading on to find more about this great city.

Key Facts

  • Reading is the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania, with a population of 88,232 people.
  • The city is halfway between the state capital at Harrisburg and Philadelphia.
  • The city is strategically placed along a major transportation route from Eastern to Central Pennsylvania. It also lent its name to Reading Railway (no longer operating), which transported coal along the East Coast.


  • Why not take the family to FirstEnergy stadium? Providing entertainment from April through to August, this historic ballpark is a great place to watch the top Philly prospects.
  • If you’re more historically inclined, check out Reading Public Museum. Featuring a variety of disciplines (science, art, history and culture), it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with the great exhibits it offers and beautiful grounds to walk on.
  • If you love unique market stalls with fruits and vegetables and other exciting bits, then the Fairgrounds Farmers Market is perfect for you. It’s a great place to spend a morning browsing through the various meats, vegetables, fruits and desserts that locals have to offer. There’s nothing quite like fresh ingredients to prepare your evening dinner!

Reading, Pennsylvania is a wonderful city for people of all ages. Featuring attractions for everyone, this is a great place to visit.


  1. Lester Farmer

    Beautiful Picture of some city, but it is not Reading, Pa.

    • David

      Same picture as used for Pittsburgh.

    • Eddins Phil

      I’m not familiar with Reading, but I did not think the photo was Reading.

  2. Loretta

    Love loves Reading.visited often before pandemic. Like to return to the old days.

  3. Tom

    I assume that you are aware that the photo is NOT of Reading, Pa.

  4. Marilyn A Kitchell

    So enjoy the interesting facts about different cities.

  5. Donna

    This is a photo of Pittsburgh

  6. Jay

    You might want to correct your photo for Reading. It is one of Pittsburgh.

  7. David Butcher

    Why does the write up of both Reading, PA and Pittsburg, PA use the same picture? Are they picture perfect replicas of each other?

  8. Linda

    Do they have the outlets

  9. Doreen Crow

    This is not Reading, Pa! This is Pittsburg.


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