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November 2, 2021

Quebec is the perfect destination for history buffs; it was first settled all the way back in the early 1600s and retains many well-preserved historical sites.

Samuel de Champlain first settled Quebec City in 1608. New France, as the area of exploration and settlement was first called, grew only slowly as fur traders and farmers moved in and made new lives for themselves. Other settlements grew up at Three Rivers and Montreal as the decades passed.

Visitors can still catch many glimpses of this rich history in modern-day Quebec. If you are looking to find some on-site historical knowledge and enjoyment, be sure to check out the following:

  • Old Quebec – In the heart of modern Quebec City, you will discover a 400-year-old village with stone buildings, winding streets, and plenty of charm.
  • The Fortifications of Quebec – Old Quebec is still surrounded by 4.6 kilometers of stone walls originally designed for the protection of the city but now providing some of the best views of the area.
  • The Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours – Montreal’s oldest church was built in 1657. It began as a little wooden chapel but has grown into a stunningly beautiful stone church.
  • Fort Trois-Rivieres – This national historical site marks the establishment of Three Rivers in 1634.

As a history buff, you’ll find plenty to explore in Quebec, so bring your camera, a notebook, a friend, and an adventurous spirit.


  1. Janet

    One of my favorite spots to visit

  2. Janet

    Old Quebeck is a treasure! I had such a great time exploring it


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