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October 8, 2021


Potsdam is an ancient city on the edge of Berlin, Germany and home to many UNESCO world heritage sites. In the 12th century, it served as the capital of Lithuania and was the boundary between Poland and Russia. Now, it is the capital of Brandenburg and is an educational delight with the many castles, palaces and interesting historical places that are worth exploring.

What to do in Potsdam

  • Soutshekhar-Rupanish, otherwise known as Old Town, is one of the most important historical centers in Eastern Europe. This magnificent city has beautiful monuments, including the fortress marmalade, which was used by the last duke of Potsdam as his summer palace. Other magnificent palaces worth seeing are Babelsberg palace, Schlossgarten and Wiesbaden palace.
  • Potsdam is known for its impressive churches, synagogues and fortifications, as well as their beautiful gardens, including park Babelsberg, Sanssouci park and Neuer Garten. Considered to be the center of flower cultivation in Germany, take a visit to some of the popular flower gardens such as Heilsbronn, Grossari, and of course Schlossgarten.
  • Visit the Brandenburg Gate, which has seven gates that represent the seven great eras in the history of the city and was built by the emperor in 1830. For Art lovers, explore the Museum of the Old Dutch Republic, which was established in 1873 and is home to some of the oldest ancient paintings in the world.
  • Stay at the lovely glass-clad buildings or even try the traditional wooden bridges which link the city to the sea. The magnificent old museums and the modern, strong glass contemporary buildings all co-exist to create unique scenery.


  1. Kathleen Kozic

    Sounds wonderful. How safe is this city now being between Russia and Poland ?

  2. Adam

    Fond memories of this town. Amazing place to visit


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