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Porto Torres

December 9, 2021

Porto Torres is found in the Province of Sassari in northwest Sardinia, Italy. Enjoy the main tourist attraction, the Asinara National Park. The region of Sardinia is an autonomous province of Italy located on an island in the Mediterranean sea.

Explore the Asinara National Park

Want to feel like an ancient explorer? Look no further than the deserted island of Asinara. After just a short boat ride from Porto Torres, you disembark on the island’s last surviving village. The plethora of natural wonders will delight and inspire.

Learn about the rich history

The history of Porto Torres stretches back to the Neolithic period with the altar of Monte d’Accoddi. It continues into the Bronze Age with the Necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu. Porto Torres was known in the Roman Period as Turris Libisonis, and it was one of the most considerable cities in Sardinia. Enjoy the bountiful ancient churches and architectural sites, including a walkthrough of military history from pre-Cesar to the modern era.

Soak up the culture

Catch a festival while in town, like the Suoni and Sapori, that takes place at the end of August. It celebrates the food, music, and art of the region. For the more sports-minded folk, check out La Giornata Dello sport for youth and adult sports activities. Porto Torres also showcases a fisherman’s regatta, in which only early 20th-century equipment may be used to catch the fish. The competition seems to get fiercer every year despite the historical technology.


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