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December 10, 2022

Portimão City is one of the most charming cities in the Algarve, Portugal; during the 20th century, it grew fast thanks to a bustling tourism scene. 

Tourists love the clear waters and long beaches where they can bask in the summer. Since the coast is bathed by the river and not the sea, its water remains fresh and a refreshing place to swim. As you explore Portimão, you can also walk on the three km-long Alvor boardwalk that borders the beach’s dunes. While at it, you can spot some unique bird species in their natural environment. The Benagil Sea Cave is also a must-see, whether you access it using a boat or a catamaran. 

Portimão is full of fun activities and unique attractions that are very memorable. While on your visit, your tour should include the following:

•    A dolphin-watching tour.

•    Exploration of the nearby caves and rock formations.

•    A walk on the 3km boardwalk that runs through Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve.

If you are a good swimmer and the sea conditions are perfect, you can dive into the fresh, clear waters. And if you want a quick snack, there are several cafes and restaurants along the beach and boardwalk.

Fun Facts

•    Portimão is the second largest city in the Algarve. 

•    Portimão is famous for its tasty grilled sardines and fresh fish restaurants.

•    Before 1924, Portimão was known as “Vila Nova de Portimão.”

•    Portimão also has incredible, breathtaking natural caves and rock formations that you will love to explore. 

•    The award-winning museum of Portimão is in a former old sardine canning factory, and it holds an exhibition with a rich history of fish canning.


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