Port Angeles

August 23, 2022

Located in the state of Washington and claimed for Spain in 1791 by Francisco de Eliza, Port Angeles was originally named "Puerto de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles," which in Spanish translates to "Port of Our Lady of the Angels." This designation remained until the 19th century when the name was shortened to present-day Port Angeles by English-speaking settlers. Even though the Europeans that arrived in the area traded with the local indigenous population, it wasn't until 1856 that European Americans established a formal settlement there.

Port Angeles Becomes A Federal Reserve

While the first American European settlement of Port Angeles soon became a small whaling and fishing village, it would soon be designated as the U.S. Customs Port of Entry for Washington Territory, thanks to the efforts of Victor Smith, who was also able to obtain Abraham Lincoln's designation of 3,520 acres of the area as a Federal Reserve. This land was used to build a lighthouse and for other military and naval uses.

Port Angeles Today

Today, Port Angeles is most popular for its whale watching and outdoor adventures. It is the home of the Olympic National Park, which covers almost a million acres of land and which features a wide diversity of ecosystems, making it a great place to hike and explore. Port Angeles is also the international boundary between Canada and the United States. This boundary line runs down the center of the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Port Angeles has witnessed the birth of many notable personalities, including Patrick Haggerty, a country singer, Derek Kilmer, a US Congressman, and John Elway, former Denver Broncos quarterback. The city is also home to Peninsula College, as well as numerous archaeological sites, including the largest prehistoric Indian village and burial ground in the nation.

Because of its rich history, the opportunity for outdoor exploration, and the awe-inspiring whales that can be observed swimming in its waters, Port Angeles is one place nobody should miss!


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