Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

December 19, 2021

Today’s spot of the day is none other than the beloved Pittsburgh! The Steel City is known for the Steelers and the multiple bridges it houses, but Pittsburgh offers so much more to residents and tourists each year. Keep reading on to find out all the exciting things this city has to offer!


  • Pittsburgh is famed for its professional sports franchises. Whether you’re a baseball, football or ice hockey fan, Pittsburgh has you covered. It’s great having such a varied amount of professional sports leagues in one city!
  • Take a trip to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, one of the oldest operating botanical conservatories in the country! The sights are truly breathtaking.
  • Go for a walk along Mount Washington and take in the stunning panorama of Pittsburgh’s bridges and rivers, as well as the beautiful skyline.
  • Head on over to the Strip District if you’re a history buff. Featuring historical points of interest, this stroll is perfect for those who want to learn more about the history of this city.
  • Get lost in the wonderful world of pop art at The Andy Warhol Museum. This museum will leave you feeling engaged and inspired after dipping your toes in the world of this pop icon legend. This museum houses the largest collection of Warhol’s artworks and archival materials, perfect for any art lover!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a wonderful city to visit. Whether you’re more into sports, want to go for a historical stroll, or would rather enter the world of exciting art, Pittsburgh has something to offer for everyone.


  1. Monica

    Libby, you never told what got its start in Pittsburgh. My best guess is KDKA, first radio station?

  2. David Butcher

    Why does the write up of both Reading, PA and Pittsburg, PA use the same picture? Are they picture perfect replicas of each other?

  3. Rebecca

    What River is that in the picture?

  4. James Edward

    Pittsburgh and it’s people are kind, good-natured, down-to-earth, common-sense folk. “Tell it like it is” people that at the same time would help out a complete stranger without a moment’s hesitation. Beautiful city with so much to offer,


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