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June 25, 2022

Comfortably nestled in the heart of the National Park of Abruzzo, this beautifully designed town is the capital of the park, as well as the center of all it stands for. The park itself surrounds the town and was established in 1922 by Erminio Sipari, who wanted to find a way to protect the wonderful landscape of the area and protect the animals that live there. As the capital of one of the first national parks of the world, the residents of Pescasseroli are extremely proud of the park and the animals it houses, including two species that can only be found there. One of the most striking things about Pescasseroli is the symbiosis that has been achieved between the town's architecture and the natural beauty of the park, featuring stone buildings and a distinct type of window only found there.

Another feature of Pescasseroli, whose name is thought to derive from the phrase Pesculum ad Sorolum", meaning "boulder near the Sangro river spring", is the history that permeates its walls. It is the birthplace of philosopher Benedetto Croce, and its most important church, the church of Santi Pietro e Paolo, dates back to the year 1100.

Due to its very nature, Pescasseroli is a paradise for visitors looking to go on excursions as well as hikers, boasting a number of trails that vary in difficulty from easy to hard, all of which allow for magnificent views of the surrounding natural features of the land. There is a local tradition in which chickpeas are toasted and flavored with sand before a wedding. Visitors to Pescasseroli can't leave the town without tasting the local dish called Agnello al cotturo, which is stewed lamb, and is loved by the locals and tourists alike. The traditional dress of the women of Pescasseroli is completely black, but it is said that this costume is fairly recent and the one they had before was very colorful and abundant with detail.

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