August 6, 2022

Known as the "City of Peace," Osnabrück is a city in Northwestern Germany situated on the Hase River canals between the Wiehen Mountains and the Teutoburg Forest. Its population as of 2019 is 164,748.

Osnabrück has an ancient heritage and a modern homage to the native-born Jewish artist Felix Nussbaum, displaying gems from his life and works before he was killed in the Holocaust. Its rich history shapes the city it is today. Having survived the 30-Years War, the two warring parties chose Osnabrück as the place to establish a peace agreement called The Peace of Westphalia.

Osnabrück has a thriving commercial sector, including copper, motor vehicle equipment, chemicals, textiles, and more. While much of it was destroyed in World War II, some of its most charming sights remain, including its City Hall, Peace Hall, and a Gothic church.

Osnabrück also has a municipal zoo, planetarium, and a museum of cultural history. Several castles with moats add to its distinctly Medieval charm.

The city's most iconic sights to see include St. Peter's Cathedral and The Market. You can walk to and from anywhere in Osnabrück. The Forest has beautiful limestone and sandstone ridges and is definitely worth an escapade.


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