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August 22, 2021


Opatija is a coastal resort town in Istria, western Croatia. It is located along the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula in Kvarner Bay, approximately 14 kilometers from Rijeka and 7 kilometers from Lovran. Opatija is famous for its historical charm, exceptional ambiance and enjoys the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia.

This sophisticated tourist destination bears uncountable affectionate nicknames, for instance,

  • The Nice of Croatia
  • The Pearl of the Adriatic
  • Vienna by the Sea
  • The Old Lady

Furthermore, over the years, Opatija has maintained complete harmony with nature. It hosts beautiful public gardens, an illuminated 12km long coastal boulevard called the Lungomare, clean beaches, and the famous Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Fame

The Walk of Fame

The Croatian Walk of Fame, located on Opatija’s seafront next to Slatina Beach, was launched in 2005 by the Apriori Communications agency. Moreover, the Walk of Fame project is a symbolic tribute to all individuals whose artistic, sporting, cultural, or scientific accomplishments contribute meaningfully to the global promotion of Croatia. The Marble stars printed on the walkway commemorate each famous person. The Hollywood Walk of Fame inspired the project.

Furthermore, this great project serves as a tourist and educational brand that helps spread the word about Opatija to the world, its affordable tourism offers, and Croatia in general. In addition, Independent bodies are in charge of nominating laureates from among celebrities and famous people in Croatia. Some of these previous laureates are:

  • Tennis legend Goran Ivanisevic
  • Musician Rade Šerbedžija
  • Writer Miroslav Krleza
  • Genius inventor Nikola Tesla
  • Physicist Ivan Supek
  • Biologist Miroslav Radman
  • Footballer Bernard Vukas
  • Artist Oliver Dragojevic

Do not miss a chance to walk with the stars by taking a stroll down the Walk of Fame when visiting Opatija. It may not come with the glamour of its namesake in Hollywood, but Opatija’s Walk of Fame is unique in its way with the adornment of 32 honorary marble stars on its enchanting street.

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