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October 9, 2021


Odessa is the name of the most populous city in Ukraine and just below Russia on the northwest shore of the Black Sea. Odessa is known as the tourist center of the country because of its proximity to transportation. The modern city of Odessa was founded in 1794 by Catherine the Great.

Odessa in Antiquity

There is some evidence that people have been living in Odessa’s general location for thousands of years. This would make some of the earlier settlements Greek in ancient culture. Geographically, Oddessa’s location as a port meant it could significantly influence trade in the region. Thus people have been there for thousands of years, watching and sometimes managing the port.

Modern Odessa

Today, Odessa is a modern European city with a thriving tourist industry. Things to see in Odessa, Ukraine include:

  • Derybasivska Street is a Pedestrian-friendly street made famous by many artists and poets throughout history. One fun fact is the humor festival that happens each April 1 with a parade down Derybasivska Street.
  • Odessa’s Opera house is unique for its Baroque and Renaissance-style fusion of architectural elements.
  • Suppose you’re fortunate enough to get a room in the two hundred plus-year-old Londonskaya Hotel. In that case, you’re among an elite guest list of celebrities and international dignitaries.
  • If you’re in Odessa, Ukraine, don’t miss out on the Historical Museum of Odessa. This museum features many of Ukraine’s national cultural relics.

Odessa, Ukraine, may not be on the list of many tourists. However, the city has some breathtaking sightseeing.


  1. Joseph Randazzo

    Love Odessa. Been there many times for extended stays. Most people speak English. Very friendly and helpful people. Food is excellent – mostly fresh. Architecture is unbelievable. The city began modernization and I saw street after street being renovated from 2008 through 2010. Buildings being cleaned and repaired after years of socialist neglect under USSR rule. After fall of communism Ukraine realized it had a diamond in the rough and focused on modernization while keeping its old world charm. Thanks for recognizing this wonderful city.

  2. Dempsey Gibbs

    I lived in Odessa, Texas,USA for about 4 years. I did not know of the city of that name in the Ukraine. A very interesting article.

  3. Ted Kujan

    It is not the most populated city in Ukraine ???????? It is number three behind Kiev and Kharkiv

  4. Philip Longee

    I pray that Russian forces don’t make it to Odesa (Ukraine spelling) and lockout Ukraine from port access to the Black Sea. NATO forces need to setup military defenses to protect that city (unlike Mariupol) and its importance to the Ukrainian economy.


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