August 2, 2021


Norwich is full of ancient pathways and secret alleys, doorways and corners, which lead to some historical sites. But you might need a little guidance to find them.

The spot of the day is one of Norwich’s great treasures, a botanical garden with many secrets, The Plantation Garden.

The Plantation Garden

  • This beautifully restored Victorian garden was established 600 yards from the city center over 100 years ago. Now it is run by volunteers from the local community as a beautiful habitat for wildlife and a sanctuary from busy city life. This peaceful haven is a glimpse into a bygone age.
  • Just step down a narrow driveway beside the Roman Catholic Cathedral on Earlham Road. You will find yourself at the edge of this sanctuary between the Victorian villas outside the city’s medieval walls.
  • The entrance fee is a mere £2 ($2.75 USD) per adult. Accompanied children under 16 have free entry. All of the proceeds contribute to the caretaking of the garden and new plantations.
  • The management also serves tea and cakes on Sundays along with musical entertainment on the grounds during the summer months.
  • As the Plantation Garden is one of Norwich’s open green spaces, it will remain open throughout the lockdown for people to visit.

Other Great Treasures

Norwich is a beautiful city. Whenever you get a chance to visit, do not forget to visit its top-rated attractions like Tombland Alley, Dragon Hall, Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and many more.


  1. Al

    Norwich is town of the day? Which Norwich is that? Are we supposed to guess? Always tell us the state or province or country.

  2. Win Whelan

    Where is it?

  3. Diane Cameron

    Yes, please give more geographical information. It looks beautiful.

  4. Janet

    Assuming it’s in England since the admission price for the admission to the garden is the pound symbol. I agree a little more info would be nice.


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