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May 11, 2022

The country Estonia shares a border with Russia on its Easternmost side. Narva is a city in Estonia located in its IDA-Viru County. It is Estonia’s third-largest city after the capital city Tallinn and Tartu. The city of Narva is found on the Narva River, which drains Lake Peipus.

Fun Facts about Narva

  • Narva is officially divided into 15 subdivisions. There is no official reason for the city to be divided, but it does make moving around easier for everyone.
  • Narva’s most outstanding feature is the 15th-century castle built with a 167 ft tower named Pikk Hermann. The castle is the city’s most significant landmark.
  • In addition, Narva has a complex used as a textile mill. In the 19th century, the building was one of the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. The city also has a few Swedish mansions and a town hall built in 1671 that is still standing today.
  •  If you head out across the Narva river, you inevitably stumble on the Ivangorod fortress, built-in 1492 and commissioned by the Grand Prince Ivan III of Muscovy. In historic times Narva and Ivangorod were considered twin cities.
  • An international train travels through Narva from Moscow, passing through St. Petersburg and heading for Tallinn.
  • Elron operates four commuter trains between Narva and Tallinn.
  •  Locals can also get around by bus. Buses operate within Estonia, while others ferry people across the border into Russia. You can also travel by bus to Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.


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