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January 13, 2022

Murfreesboro is located in Tennessee, serving as both the center of population and center of Tennessee. Renamed upon Captain Lytle’s request, the city of Murfreesboro was initially named Cannonsburgh by the General Assembly in honor of Newton Cannon.

In its early years, it mainly served as an agricultural community for corn, cotton and tobacco, its main crops.

There are so many history-rich tourist attractions in Murfreesboro. Here are a few of our favorites. 

  • Stones River National Battlefield: This park is located along the Stones River in Rutherford Country. It serves as a remembrance of the battle of Stone River, which occurred in 1862 on the 31st of December and 2nd of January. This significant battle of the American Civil War resulted in a strategic Union victory.
  • Cannonsburgh Village: This is a historic village representing roughly a hundred years of early Tennessee life. It contains, amongst other things, a gristmill, telephone operator’s house, caboose, blacksmith’s shop, the University house, the Leeman House, the wedding chapel and a general store.
  • Stones River Greenway: Stones River Greenway is a 10-mile long trail way consisting of straight park trails in the Stones River and Lytle Creek areas. Its system has numerous trailheads with parking lots, some of which are:
    • Thompson lain
    • Redoubt Brannon
    • Manson Pike
    • Cannonsburgh
    • Fortress Rosecrans
    • Broad Street
    • General Bragg
    • Mayday Brewery: a place to visit for a beer lover. The MayDay Brewery distributes its beer all over Tennessee, Chattanooga and East Tennessee.

Murfreesboro has plenty to enjoy and keep you entertained, so if you’re brooding upon a place to visit, try Murfreesboro, it’s sure to satisfy.


  1. Mary Ann Conklin

    That photo is not Murfreesboro, It is Nashville, Tennessee.

  2. wanda

    weirdly enough, the photo attached looks like downtown nashville?? isn’t that the batman building? if not, murfreesboro has a pretty close replica of it!! thanks!!

  3. John Hood

    The photo is the skyline of Nashvile,
    not Murfreeshoro.
    Story is poorly written, not truly reflective of the Murfreesboro of today.

  4. Thomas Ashley

    That photo if of Nashville.

  5. Bruce Kunze

    The picture is of Nashville. 30 miles from Murfreesboro.

  6. Teresa

    Why did you use a picture of Nashville for Murfreesboro?


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