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January 16, 2022

Montpellier is an intriguing city in the South of France. It’s a wonderful place in the country from where travelers may discover Provence, Camargue and many other lovely locations. The city itself has no scarcity of activities to do, with interesting museums, narrow streets and tempting restaurants.

Here are a few of our favorite stops to make in the city. 

Place de la Comédie

The Place de la Comédie is Montpellier’s heart, located near the city’s main railway station, easily accessible via tram, and an ideal starting point for seeing everything Montpellier has to offer. The majestic structure at one end of the center is the city’s Opera, and the area’s sides are lined with quaint French cafes and movies. At the opposite end is a shopping center with some fascinating French businesses, and directly ahead is the Esplanade, a lovely open space with a peaceful pond.

Cathedrale St Pierre

The cathedral is magnificent; staring skyward at the towers is nearly dizzying. Montpellier’s most important Gothic structure, the Cathédrale St Pierre, is located in the heart of the ancient town. This Roman Catholic church is open to the public and features wonderful stained glass windows lining the cross, a magnificent wood and gold organ, and a magnificent altar. Although it was founded in 1364, it was not recognized as a cathedral until the sixteenth century.

Promenade du Peyrou

Also known as Peyrou’s Royal Square, this area of the city is designated by this name. Etienne Giral and his son Jean-Antoine created it. Behind it, visitors may see one of Montpellier’s Roman aqueducts, a magnificent work of art that has been kept magnificently to this day.Other fascinating places that you may consider visiting while in Montpellier include Musée Fabre, Le Château de Flaugergues, Montpellier Zoo and Jardin des Plantes. You may also want to explore French cuisines- famous for their elegance and sophistication. You may also take the tram to the beach.


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