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October 20, 2022

Today’s spot of the day is Montpellier, a southern French city.

Montpellier is a city located in the southern part of France. The town was once known for its vast vineyards that supported a robust wine industry. Today, the city’s population is primarily comprised of students. 

Montpellier is a coastal town located 10km from river Lez. It is the seventh-largest city in France and the third-largest French city near the Mediterranean coast. After losing its vineyards to a fungal infection in the 1890s, the city branched into other economic activities.

Cool Montpellier Facts

  • Montpellier is located in France off the shore of river Lez.
  • The city is divided into seven neighborhoods, each with its neighborhood council.
  • Montpellier was once named Monspessulanus, meaning the naked hill, because the vegetation was not initially doing well.
  • The majority of the city’s population speaks French.
  • Montpellier is the 7th largest city in France, although it has shown the largest growth in the quarter century, surpassing even Paris.


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