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Mons, Belgium

July 25, 2021

Cradled between the Haine and Trouille river, Mons proudly sits on a knoll where the Canal du Centre meets the Nimy-Blaton. The city is located in the Wallonia region of Belgium and is the capital of the Hainaut Province. Mons accommodates a population of about 95,299 residents.

Historically, the city is known for the Battle of Mons and has gradually transitioned to a significant commercial center and university town. Though it isn’t an industrial city, Mons encompasses several industrial zones thanks to two successive mergers.

Some of Mon’s top attractions include:

  • Francois Duesberg Museum: Home to a significant number of clocks, the Francois Duesberg boasts of rare and ornate timepieces originating from Switzerland, Paris and other European cities.
  • Grand Place: Embellished with elegant facades, the Grand Place takes you back in time. The square has an almost ethereal feel to it and hums with energy and vibrancy.
  • St. Symphorien Military Cemetery: This is the resting place for many British and German soldiers in the first world war. It’s often characterized as tranquil and great for quiet reflection.
  • Mons memorial museum: The museum is dedicated to exploring the city’s significance in history because of its strategic importance. It houses over 5,000 artifacts, including artwork that depicts the struggles of Mons people and soldiers’ weapons and uniforms.
  • Collegiale Sainte-Waudru: Situated below Mons’ castle hill, the Collegiale Church of Sainte-Waudru stands tall as a historical monument featuring the remains of a saint and other fifteenth-century artifacts.

Filled with an array of charming cultural sites, Mons is a must-see for all history buffs and old architecture enthusiasts.


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