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August 10, 2021


Mobile is an Alabama port city located on the gulf coast, known for its famous celebrations and cultural history. Mobile is home to museums and historic buildings, as well as centers focusing on education. The city is most well known for its beautiful old-style homes and beaches along Mobile Bay.

Mobile is a bustling city with exciting nightlife, as it’s one of the first founding locations for Mardi Gras celebrations. Every February, locals and tourists gather for the flashy festivities and kick it off with an annual parade. Regardless of the month, Mobile always has new and enticing celebrations for all occasions.

Mobile is also known for its vast cultural history, and naturally, many museums exist to honor the remarkable past that took place there. Listed below are a few favorites;

  • GulfQuest- Explore the history of the Gulf of Mobile with interactive exhibits and games for adults and children of all ages.
  • USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park- This memorial park pays homage to those who lost their lives in WWII, with ships that can be explored freely. Tours are offered, and visitors will undoubtedly feel the emotion attached to the museum.
  • The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center- This science center focuses on children’s education using exciting and engaging methods. The Exploreum features several permanent exhibits and activities; however, the center is ever-changing and constantly updating with new and improved attractions.

Locals and visitors seeking a night out or a day of exploration and learning can find something enjoyable for anyone to experience in Mobile.


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