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Minot, North Dakota

July 16, 2021

Minot is the second-largest city in the state of North Dakota. It is the home of Minot Air Force Base, Minot Municipal Airport and Minot State University (MSU)

  • Minot is the largest city in North Dakota and has a population of approximately 83,000 people. You can attribute the increase in people to an influx of newcomers from other regions and countries.
  • This city is home to many people who work in the oil industry. The city also has the lowest crime rate and an affordable cost of living.
  • Minot has plenty of things to offer in and around the city. You can visit downtown Minot, which features restaurants and shopping; enjoy a day at Minot Air Force Base, founded during World War II; and enjoy boating on the Missouri River in Mountrail County.
  • In Minot, traditional food has been a big part of their culture for generations and is still very popular today. The city is well known for its bison meat. It is a traditional food served since the beginning of the town.
  • Minot is a great place to live compared to other places in North Dakota due to its economic stability and affordability.
  • Because of the economy, Minot is a hub for restaurants. Many people in the city love to eat out and have fun while doing it.
  • A recent addition to the downtown area of Minot is an outdoor market that provides residents and visitors with fresh produce, local goods, clothing, etc.
  • It gives them a chance to buy from local vendors selling handcrafted items, beeswax candles, hand-carved jewelry or any other item they think would be interesting.


  1. Donna

    So, is Minot the largest city or the second-largest city in ND?

    • Jim Fahy

      I expect it’s #2 or 3 with either Fargo or Grand Forks being #1.
      Though I havn’t lived there for 60+ years, The Magic City was a great place to grow up.

  2. Hector

    Lol. Thought I was misreading it. Thank you for asking now I know it wasn’t me.

  3. Charles Ross

    I enjoyed my stay as an Airman in Minot during the 80’s. Some of the best people I have ever lived around :-). The extremely cold temps have kept me from moving back ????.

  4. victoria hookland

    If you go to Minot stop in at the City Bakery. I haven’t lived rhere for years but thier caramel rolls were excellent. I never ordered anything else. The cookies are suppose to be chewy versus crisp. I like chewy but wouldnt but anything over a big warm sticky chewy cinnamon flavored caramel roll. I have NEVER had one that measures up even Hurleys donuts in Branson MO can’t compare.

  5. Mick Stokes

    The comment on crime and affordability are wrong. I lived there about 8 years ago and there was a lot of crime as well as high cost housing due to the oil


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