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August 18, 2022

Located in the central Atlantic Ocean, Mindelo has grown from a small settlement to a full-fledged city with over seventy thousand inhabitants.

Fun Facts:

  • Mindelo is a port city found on the island of Sao Vicente in Cape Verde. The city is home to the majority of the island's population.
  • Mindelo was originally called Nossa Senhora da Luz and later renamed Leopoldina in 1820. In 1838 it was finally given the name Mindelo, which has stuck to date.
  • Mindelo was granted city status in 1879. Before that, Mindelo was granted town status in 1858.

Interesting Sites:

  • Palácio dos Povo, translated to the people's palace, was previously the Palácio do Governo. The building was completed in 1874, and renovations were done between 1928 to 1934.
  • The Fortim d'El Rei is an impressive fortress built in 1852.
  • Another impressive building in Mindelo is the Paços do Concelho which was built in 1860.
  • You can also find a statue of Diogo Afonso right on Mindelo Beach.


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