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November 16, 2022

You have probably heard of the popular annual Snowbombing festivals whenever people talk about Mayrhofen. Besides being a town with excellent ski conditions, Mayrhofen hosts one of the most memorable annual electronic music celebrations. The weeklong festival attracts renowned electronic artists and DJs who come to party, ski, and display their snow art appreciation. Explore various skiing activities from beginner to advanced on Mayrhofen’s slopes.

Mayrhofen Facts:

  • The town is located near a glacier, which is above the snowline.
  • You can ski all around the year in Mayrhofen.
  • Mayrhofen is home to most winter and summer sports.
  • The town is in the Ziller River Valley.
  • The Zillertal town is in the state of Tyrol.
  • Mayrhofen’s population is approximately 3858 people.
  • Mayrhofen is located near Ahorn mountain, which was once a location for the World Cup Downhill circuit.
  • The Penken Mountain offers Mayrhofen’s visitors an unforgettable paragliding experience during summer.
  • You will find the Gondola transport system.

Mayrhofen Major Attractions:

  • Swarovski Kristallwelten: An underground museum designed by Andre Heller. It features dance, art, and literature.
  • Hauptstraße: Buy a souvenir here when you visit Mayrhofen.
  • Altstadt von Innsbruck: This historic district is in the center of Innsbruck. It dates back 1,000 years and is full of lively cafes and historical sites, like the copper-tiled Golden Roof.
  • Penkenbahn: Pekenbahn provides a scenic gondola ride 1,790 meters above sea level to Penken Mountain.

Enjoy a Mayrhofen experience by trying a wide range of activities. Begin your day with a Ski-Doo trip before you can go snowshoe hiking, ice skating, or snow tubing. Mayrhofen has everything you need to enjoy your holiday.


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