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October 23, 2021

Are you looking to spend a day in Mainz? Here, there are various spots to have fun on a day trip. The places you choose, things you do, and food you eat can determine how well you spend your day. It’s important to identify various sites where your family can have fun during a day trip. In this article, we will explore a spot of the day in Mainz.

A day trip can put a smile on the face of your loved ones in Mainz. When you’re in this location, the cold, charming weather will keep you going. There are many things to do downtown, including:

  • Visiting Gutenberg Museum
  • Strolling through Mainz Cathedral
  • Taking a view of the Market Square
  • Attending a church service at St. Augustine Church
  • Visiting Synagogue (serves local Jewish community)
  • Going to the Roman theatre
  • Worshipping at St. Stephan’s Church
  • Visiting Eisgrub-Brau (the oldest brewery in Mainz)

Landesmuseum (State Museum)

One of the most popular, oldest museums in Germany with a rich history and quality arts, Landesmuseum was opened in 2010 after restoration. Other than visiting State Museum, other things to do while on your day-tour in Mainz include:

  • Seeing Holzturm (Wood Tower)
  • Visiting Rathaus (City Hall)
  • Having fun at Mainz Wine Market
  • Enjoying coffee at Wilmas Wunder

Eat Local Food

If you enjoy local food, Mainz can offer you exactly what you want. Here, there are myriads of eateries selling delicacies, such as beef tartare, truffle Risotto, bell pepper, salmon ravioli, cocktail, and more.

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  1. George Iski

    Don’t forget “The Holy Ghost ” gasthause.


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