Les Houches

October 10, 2021

Les Houches

France is a beautiful country to visit. If you have never been there before, you may need some insight on what to see and do first. Aiguillette des Houches has been rated the top attraction for people to check out. Before you visit the area, you will need to know what to expect and what to do.

What to Expect

When visiting a new place, you need to know what to expect before arriving. Certain things come to mind, such as what you need to bring, what to wear, and prices.

  • Hiking backpack: you will need to bring a bottle of water, a snack, money, and a packed lunch.
  • What to wear. Wear something comfortable and pay attention to the weather. (I.e., shorts in the summertime and jeans in the wintertime. You would also need to wear hiking boots.
  • Price. Depending on what you want to see and do at Aiguillette Des Houches, the price will vary. So be prepared for anything.

What to Do

When you get to the Aiguillette des Houches, there are things that are the most recommended by tourists that have been there. You could go on a hike, and you can take a ski tour.

  • Hiking. Hiking at Aiguillette des Houches is normally for very skilled hikers, but the view of the mountains is incredible. You can see all of Chamonix. This is where a hiking backpack will come in handy. It will take a few hours to see the view, and no one wants to carry those necessities the whole way.
  • Take a ski tour. This is the perfect winter activity. Along the way, the tour guide will stop and show you different sights and will teach you how to ski up the mountain. Going down the mountain is a little more difficult than going up because you will be skiing down and your tour guide will teach you. You have to watch out for obstacles going down.

Whether it’s hot or cold, Aiguillette des Houches is the perfect place to take a trip to in Les Houches, France. It’s a challenge to do new things you’ve never done before, but the breathtaking views are worth it.


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