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La Thuile

December 14, 2022

La Thuile is located in the Alps in the northwestern part of Italy, close to the French alpine city of La Rosière. The town is crossed by the road going from Pré- Saint- Didier in the northwest up to the Little St Bernard Pass in the southeast linking Italy to Bourg- Saint- Maurice and the Isère Valley in France.

Coal mining (anthracite) was important in the area before World War II. Numerous diggings and old mining structures can be seen throughout the town. However, the economy of La Thuile now depends largely upon tourism. La Thuile is a gorgeous place to visit with breathtaking views of the Alps. People visit during the winter to enjoy the Alpine ski resorts and to hike during the summer months. Visitors can also explore the “old town” area, which has historical buildings dating back to the 12th century. 

The La Thuile ski resort is very popular with locals as well because it is family friendly and affordable. The resort boasts several easy slopes for young skiers, as well as free childcare. The La Thuile resort also has lifts that link to La Rosière, which allows more experienced athletes to venture further into the alpine slopes. 

La Thuile has been the venue for several major periodic transnational downtime conferences:

• “Les Rencontres  and de la Valléed’Aoste” organized by Italy’s Institute of Nuclear Physics

• “Rencontres de Moriond” organized by the French National institute of nuclear and flyspeck drugs( IN2P3).

Summertime events include:

• La Thuile Bike World.

• Nature sports and recreation areas.

• Hiking through ancient historical spots.

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