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La Spezia

October 18, 2021

One of the most important and interesting things about Italy is its rich and varied food culture. It’s no surprise that it’s often listed as one of the best places in the world to eat. Italians are renowned for their cuisine, and the region of Liguria has an especially rich history in regards to food.

One city whose culinary heritage is particularly fascinating is La Spezia – located on the coast of Liguria, about 80km to the west of Genoa. It’s one of Italy’s most historic cities (it was founded by the Romans in 177 BC), and every year it plays host to a fantastic food festival called ‘La Festa del Pane e dei Sapori’ (The Bread And Flavour Festival). This event offers locals and visitors alike the chance to enjoy some delicious samples from both traditional restaurants and talented amateur cooks alike.

La Festa del Pane e dei Sapori is an excellent chance to discover some of the best dishes La Spezia has to offer. One particular favorite here is gnocchi alla Genovese – a particularly delicious form of potato dumplings that are served in a rich sauce based around basil, eggs, parmesan cheese and olive oil. This dish is often made with white wine, making it even more appetizing!

Another tasty meal you might enjoy during your visit to Pavia would be Cappon magro (also known as the King of Fish Soup). As well as being tasty, this dish will also fill you up without emptying your wallet – so it’s perfect for lunch after exploring the city’s historical attractions.


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