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La Manga

September 4, 2022

Strategically located on the coast of Murcia in Spain, La Manga is a sandy strip that creates a barrier between the Mediterranean and a saltwater lagoon known as Mar Menor, which is the Spanish term for "Minor Sea." While the lagoon and the Mediterranean were once connected, these days, only a few natural channels that allows water from the Mediterranean to feed the lagoon.


Human activity in La Manga goes back to Roman times when it was called Palus, but the area remained relatively untouched until the 1960s, when its development as a resort began. Before this time, La Manga saw the construction of its first lighthouse in 1865, and it became a valuable strategic location during the Battle of Cape Palos in 1938 when the Spanish Civil War was raging throughout the country.

La Manga Today

Today, La Manga and the Mar Menor lagoon are the sites of numerous water-based sports events, including windsurfing, water skiing, and sailing. As is the case with many cities in Spain, football is one of the most important sports in the area, and La Manga Stadium has become a favorite winter practice location for many teams from around the world during the wintertime. The La Manga football cup is an annual tournament held at the La Manga Club, a resort complex that opened in 1972. Because of its gorgeous beaches, beautiful sunset, and great weather all year round, La Manga is definitely a wonderful place to visit!


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