Kansas City (Kansas)

September 21, 2022

Originally conceived as a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas City was incorporated in October 1872 and is currently the third largest city in the state of Kansas. The city then held its first mayoral election in October of that same year, electing James Boyle as its first mayor, and by 1880, the governor of Kansas pronounced it a city of the second class, which means that its population had grown to almost 20,000 residents.Kansas City continued to grow steadily, and in the 1930s, it had become one of the 100 largest cities in the country.

Kansas City Today

Today, the city is called home by over 156,000 residents, as well as a large number of businesses, one of the most notorious of which is Russell Stover, the chocolate manufacturer which established its headquarters in the city in 1932.

Kansas City is also home to 25 different universities and colleges, including Donnelly College and the University of Kansas Medical Center. Kansas City is known for being the home of many inventions, including the beloved Happy Meal and the first multiplex movie theater. Some little-known facts about Kansas City include an anecdotal reference to the creation of Mickey Mouse, who is said to have been inspired by a mouse living in Laugh-O-Gram Studios, Walt Disney's first animation studio.

The City of Fountains

Residents of Kansas City have given it the nickname "The City of Fountains" as a loving reference to the 200 different fountains located around the city, many of which can be found in Swope Park, which is twice the size of New York's Central Park. It is also said that there are more boulevards in Kansas City than in Paris, making it a wonderful place to visit.

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  1. Elizabeth

    City of Fountains is KC, MO. And Swope Park is also in KC, MO. Walt Disney worked for the KC Times/Star. Also in Missouri.
    KC, KS has the Major Race Track, the Legends Stores the Nebraska Furniture Mart. and the MLS team Sporting KC. KCMO has the Chiefs, the Royals and the female soccer team the KC Current.


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