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February 7, 2023

Situated on the Baltic coast of Latvia, Jūrmala is a stunning seaside city that has attracted millions of visitors over the years. From its beautiful beaches to its unique culture and history – it’s easy to see why this port city has become so popular with travelers. 

Jūrmala is located approximately 25 km west of Riga, the capital of Latvia, and has a population of approximately 47,000 people. It is situated between two rivers – Lielupe and Buļļupe – which add beauty and a calming atmosphere to the area.

The local cuisine in Jūrmala is as eclectic as it is delicious – from smoked fish to hearty soups and renowned sweet treats like sklandrausis (a type of sweet pastry), there really is something for everyone! Seafood forms an essential part of the cuisine, too; shrimps, clams and oysters can be found in abundance here!

Fun Facts:

  • Being located on the coast has allowed Jūrmala to develop bustling ports which handle imports such as wood, paper products and machinery while exports include timber products as well as grain. 
  • Jürmala was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1997 due its unique cultural landscape – one that has been shaped by centuries of interaction between humans and their environment in terms of both settlement patterns and economic activity.

Key Attractions:

Jūrmala is home to many historic buildings that have been lovingly preserved and still stand to this day. From old palaces to churches, here are some of the highlights. 

  • The Museum of Pottery & Ceramics: Jūrmala boasts many attractions that are sure to keep visitors entertained throughout their stay. The most famous is The Museum Of Pottery & Ceramics which houses over 450 pieces from potters around the world dating back several centuries – something any art enthusiast should not miss out on! 
  • Majori Railway Station: Built in 1877, the Majori Railway Station was one of the first railway stations built in Latvia. Even though most of its original architecture has been destroyed due to conflicts over time, it remains an important piece of history. Today, the station gives visitors direct access to Riga and other destinations throughout Latvia.
  • Vērmanes Garden: Vērmanes Garden dates back to the 19th century and is a beautiful example of a traditional Latvian park. The gardens feature classic European landscaping with winding paths, small bridges, ponds and fountains – perfect for a leisurely stroll or romantic picnic! There’s also an old dairy building located within, which serves as a cafe during the summer months.
  • Dubultu Church: Dubultu Church stands proudly overlooking the Lielupe River and is considered one of Latvia’s oldest wooden structures still standing today; it dates back all the way to the 18th century! Inside the church, you will find beautifully painted frescoes as well as a small museum showcasing various artifacts from Jūrmala’s past. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Other sights include Dzintari Forest Park, Jurkalne Lighthouse, Livu Aquapark and much more.


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