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October 30, 2022

Whether you are looking for a place that offers breathtaking views of Lake Pamvotida and its small island or would rather be at the center of numerous cultural, artistic, and intellectual events, Ioannina offers the best of both worlds to residents and visitors all year round.

Located in the heart of Epirus, Ioannina is both the largest city and the capital of the province. The stillness of the waters of the lake and the enchanting character of the town have inspired a number of novelists and poets who have established their homes in the area.

While the date of Ioannina’s foundation is not known, local lore attributes its creation to Emperor Justinian I, during the 6th century, although recent archaeological discoveries have dated its settlement back to the earlier Hellenistic period. Today, Ioannina offers plenty of activities for everybody looking to come face to face with times gone by.

Ioannina Facts:

  • Ioannina’s name is thought to be a variation of Agioannina or Agioanneia, which means “Place of St. John.” The name comes from its connection to the monastery of Saint John the Baptist.
  • In 2020, the population of Ioannina was 65,574 inhabitants.
  • Ioannina is located 255 miles to the Northwest of Athens.

Ioannina Attractions:

  • The House Matei Hussein – The House Matei Hussein is one of the most beautiful examples of Ioannina’s architecture. It’s one of its main tourist attractions.
  • The Ottoman mosque of Veli Pasha – This mosque was built on what is thought to be the location of the Byzantine church of Saint Stefanos and is part of the palatial complex built by Ali Pasha, an Albanian ruler of Ioannina, where he died in 1822.


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